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Are you tired of training the same old tricks and combos at home? Are you frustrated when you try new ideas from social media and they turn out to be harder than they look? Don't worry, we've got your back 😉👇 Introducing our Online Programs, designed for safe progress from home! 🙌 Thousands of students have reached their goals with our method, and you can too! 💪 Follow our classes and improve your Pole dance skills. Say goodbye to boring workouts – let's make progress together! 🙌 ✨ Whether you're new to pole dance or want to refine your skills, our program covers everything from spins and climbs to figures and transitions. From totally beginner to advanced level! 👇 What You'll Get: 🔥 Warm-Up and Conditioning: Prepare your body with our exercises. 💃 Follow-Along Classes: Learn 4 to 5 tricks per session. 📹 Tutorials and Breakdowns: Learn step-by-step. 🧘 Cool Down: Relax your muscles post-workout. ✅ Learn at Your Pace: From basics to advanced tricks. 🤓 Language Options: Subtitles in 23 languages. ✨ Join Our Community: Connect with fellow pole enthusiasts. 🎥 Over 200 Videos: Access to all our videos with the Unlimited Plan! Start your pole dance journey today and unleash your potential on the pole! ✨💖


3 Plans Available, From €59.00/month

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